24 days, 5 test match series, 25 ladies, 2 qualifying rounds and 1 World Champion.

Australia and GB women's team

Australia and GB women’s team

…I have recently spent 3 1/2 weeks in Adelaide, Australia, with the Cycle Speedway GB tour for the World Championships. We all experienced various different ways of Australia’s living, surroundings, weather and most of all, racing. Everyday consisted of either Veteran’s, Women’s, Junior’s or Men’s racing, or all. With there being 5 Ashes test match series for juniors and women, 4  for Men’s,  a number of veteran’s test matches, along with qualifying rounds for all categories and the all important finals… OZ proved to be a very full-on and busy tour. However with this came amazing and unforgettable experiences, especially for those which attended the Australia tour for the first time.

The women’s racing truly went up another level during Australia. The first women’s test match at La Fevre was very tense, physical and  close scoring. With Australian refereeing being much more passive than English ref’s, a very tense atmosphere due it being the kick-start of the women’s race series and the fact the crowds where building and both teams desperately wanted to win the first test match… provided excellent racing and competition for the teams and as well as for the spectators to watch. As the Ashes test matches continued throughout the first 2 weeks, both teams began to build friendships.

1st test match- La Fevre

1st test match- La Fevre

1st test match- Le Fevre

1st test match- Le Fevre

Women’s test match series scores:

Test match 1- Le Fevre – Australia 90-89 GB

Test match 2- Sailsbury – GB 96– 83 Australia

Test match 3- Findon- GB 91– 88 Australia

Test match 4- Findon- GB 94– 86 Australia

Final test match- Murraylands- GB 94– 85 Australia

There was a tough competition as the Aussie women proved to be very tactical, physical and strong. However our GB women’s great fitness put together with brilliant team work, resulted in Great Britain retaining a very successful win of the Ashes test match series 2013, 4-1.

Federation cup GB team- Le Fevre

Federation cup GB team- Le Fevre

Once the test series had finished we began preparing for the Federation Cup. This involves 2 pairs and 1 reserve ( total of 5 riders) within each team, the teams where… Australia, Great Britain and ICSF select.

Riders in each team:

Australia: Nicky Kinross, Sarah Kinross, Lucy Millikin, Letitia Collins – reserve: Kayleigh Clarke / Carly Martin.

GB: Vicky Brown, Lauren Davies (myself), Michelle Whitehead, Lauren Hookway – reserve: Charlie-Jane Herbert 

ICSF: Livvi Horsley, Laura Watson, Kayleigh Clarke, Jess Snowdon – reserve:  Sandra Tamborska

 The Federation cup was a good competition filled with great tactics and strong team work. With the World semi- finals and finals being only a matter of days away from this event, the last thing each rider wanted was an accident that may effect there fitness or ability to ride in the all important World Championships. The Federation cup was a well- deserved victory for Australia, winning on 46 points, followed by Great Britain on 44 points and lastly the ICSF select team with 29 points.

Women’s World Individual qualifying rounds:

Semi-Final A: 


Lauren Davies 19, Sandra Tambroska 17, Charlie Jane Herbert 17, Nicky Kinross 16, Michelle Whitehead 16, Laura Watson 15, Rebecca Davies 14, Livvi Horsley 13
Non Qualifiers- Shiranta Aston 13, Caris Glover 11, S.J. Clee Collins 11, Jayden Wheldan 10.

Semi-Final B:


Letitia Collins 19, Lucy Millikin 19, Sara Kinross 18, Vicky Brown 17, Lauren Hookway 17, Carly Martin 15, Lucy Whitehead 14, Kayleigh Clarke 13
Non Qualifiers- Jesse Snowden 12, Miriam Thompson 11, Jackie Kinross 9, Latisha Bevear 8, Annabell Blaker 8

(Qualifying rounds points lifted from


…Nervous, tense and high amounts of adrenalin pumping around my body… these were the only feelings i could feel as i began to prepare myself an hour before it  all started. That hour flew by as the minutes quickly passed. As every British, Australian and Polish women slowly began to fill up the pits area, my nerves built and everything felt very surreal. Months of built-up excitement and preparation, and finally the moment had came and one of the women in the pits shall be World Champion in a matter of hours. Every single race was important for each individual. Every women fighting for that 1st place or a place on the podium. Every women on top-form and every women confident. In each of my races i manged to produce a strong a successful gate, however in one i had no choice but to hold back and attempt to take the dive under Sarah Kinross on the first corner out of the gate, making this switch pass put me up in first. Throughout all my races i managed to be unbeaten up in till the finish, even though all of the adrenalin made my legs and body feel week and the humidity making myself and everyone feel drained once we reached our 3rd-4th race, i still triumphed a surprising 20 point maximum. My emotions went through the roof and the feeling was unbelievable. I came to Australia to give it my all in becoming world champion, but actually experiencing the victory and managing to achieve what i wanted and knowing that i am the women’s World C.S Champion is a completely different feeling and whilst in the moment it felt unreal but truly amazing. being a little home-sick towards the end and seeing my family over ‘face time’ (mobile video), resulted in tears of complete joy and mixed emotions. the competition was high and every single rider rode fantastic.

Women's individual World Champion 2013

Women’s individual World Champion 2013


4th- Sarah Kinross ( Australia )

3rd- Sandra Tamborska (Poland)

2nd- Nicky Kinross (Australia)

1st – LAUREN DAVIES- (myself (GB) 

Australia tour 2013 will defiantly be an unforgettable experience. Spending 3 1/2 weeks with GB riders and Australian riders, new bonds where made and previous bonds made even stronger. From the picture-perfect beaches, shopping malls, visiting a zoo seeing different animals, a boat trip with dolphins and the stunning beauty of Australia… sums up the trip to the other side of the world. Australia was perfect in every aspect, not one regret and i know that one day i will go back. I recommend the GB world tour to any and every Cycle Speedway rider, a true chance of a lifetime. Becoming the Women’s World Individual Champion was the icing on the cake and feels immense. I now believe that i am changing to a fixed gear in velodrome next year, in an attempt to put my passion into action and see where it takes me. I have fulfilled my aim within Cycle Speedway and want to go on to achieve as much as i can in the sport that i love.


British Championships Final results!

The British Cycle Speedway Championships 2013 was held at Coventry C.S track and proved to be a very successful and enjoyable day. With the women’s qualifying at 10:30 am, knocking out two of the Leicester riders, Chole Whitehead and Elizabeth Ridley. The top 16 women from around the country qualified and ready,  the big Championship began at 12:00 am.  A tough group of women all striving to win the ultimate British Champion title.  

Article lifted from Spokesman Online:

“In the long history of cycle speedway, surely there could not have been a more convincing winner of any national title than Lauren Davies as she brushed aside every challenger to take the women’s title in style at Coventry. Even when she found herself out of position, she always seemed to have the time, confidence and ability to pass opponents at will.  She really was a class apart!  Any doubts that the odds-on favorite would fall short were quickly dismissed when Davies pulled off the most sublime pass in her first race, passing arch rival and defending champion Laura Jacobs on the inside going down the back straight (pictured below).  From that moment the destiny of the women’s championship was never in doubt.

Even when Davies unexpectedly slipped when leading heat 15, momentarily gifting the lead to Lauren Hookway, the Leicester rider never looked perturbed, quickly reeled her and pulled well clear (pictured below).

Norfolk’s Danielle Riley underlined her improvement this year under coach Ian Grange by finishing second on 18 points, ahead of defending champion Lauren Jacobs on 16.

Handicapped by a difficult draw, Riley also made a dream start, passing Leicester’s Michelle Whitehead with consummate ease in heat two (pictured below).  Although she lost out to Davies and Jacobs in subsequent races she showed her resolve by finishing strongly, winning her final two races to take the silver medal.

champion Lauren Jacobs was nowhere as convincing as she was at Newport last year.  After being out-thought and out-gunned by Davies in her opening ride, Jacobs was also beaten by Lauren Hookway and Lucy Whitehead in heat eleven.  Having said that,  winning bronze in a national championship is no mean achievement in anyone’s book.

Talking of defending champions, former number ones Lucy Whitehead and Livvi Horsley (pictured above left) both struggled to make any real impact, in fact they only managed to win one race between then, Horsley taking the chequered flag in her opening race.  Admittedly neither girl has raced much recently but perhaps it illustrates the continued improvement of the women’s game.

 Last year’s bronze medallist Vicky Brown got her 2013 campaign off to disastrous start after she committed a basic schoolboy, or should that be schoolgirl, error.  Coming out of the first turn in her first race she fell unchallenged (pictured below).  Rather than jumping to her feet and remounting, she committed the cardinal sin of abandoning the race. Seconds later her rivals Davies and Jacobs collided and also crashed to the ground leaving referee Aris little choice but to call a re-start with all three, as opposed to all four riders.


With her small stature, big heart and never-give-up style, Ellie Sullivan (pictured below) wooed the crowd.  Not only did she take overall fourth in the women’s category but her gutsy performance earned her the under-16 girls’ title, ahead of Lauren Hookway and Kristina Mines.  Hookway was unlucky not to score more.  After notching 11 points from four rides, she fell in her final race when well-placed.

Women's British Champion 2013

Women’s British Champion 2013

World number one Laura Watson made a whirlwind start winning her opening two races but faded in the run-in, finishing on 14 points. Michelle Whitehead suffered a similar fate.  After three races apiece, she was well placed in overall second but two thirds in her remaining races left her short of the frame.

On today’s stunning performance, if Davies can maintain her fitness and enthusiasm for the game, she could well dominate women’s cycle speedway, not just for the foreseeable future but for many years to come.

Also the Senior British C.S Championships shown to be a thrilling evenings racing! With a great atmosphere surrounding the Coventry track, perfect weather for the event and brilliant racing. The day could not of gone any better!


The men’s final British champion was excellently won by Exeter’s Tom Reed. A  definite worthy and commendable winner!


Men's British Champion

Men’s British Champion

The Men’s British Finalists are:

1ST- Thomas Reed (Exeter) 18 points,  2nd- Lee Aris (Wednesfield) 17 points,  3rd- Chris Timms (Birmingham) 17 points. 

(A run-off race between Lee Aris and Chris Timms decided the Final 2nd and 3rd place in the British Championships.)

Women’s Lorels 26/05/13

-Article lifted from

Lauren Davies outscored the rest of the field in the Ladies Laurels with four impressive wins and looked odds-on to take the title from defending champion Sandra Tamborska. Nearest contender, British champion Lauren Jacobs did not meet Davies in the qualifying races but dropped her only point to Vicky Brown on her route to the final.


With 10 from three rides, Lauren Hookway sat in behind Davies in heat 10 to reach the final while Michelle Whitehead needed to finish ahead of Tamborska in the following race to make sure of her place. In heat 12 Jacobs raced home for the four points she needed after Vicky Brown was ruled out at the tapes.


The draw for gate positions did not favour Davies who drew the difficult grid four allowing Jacobs to speed away from the inside. Davies found herself stuck in heavy traffic for a couple of laps and though she eventually powered past Hookway and Whitehead, she was left with too much ground to make up and it was the Ipswich star who took the major honours.


This was a brilliant shop window for women’s and girls’ cycle speedway and gave an appreciative crowd the chance to see just how much the quality of top competitors has improved, with Lauren Jacobs the worthy champion.

Women's lorels individual

Women’s lorels individual

Race day women individual points:

Grand Final

1st Lauren Jacobs, 2nd Lauren Davies, 3rd Lauren Hookway, 4th Michelle Whitehead

Qualifying Scores

Lauren Davis 16, Lauren Jacobs 15, Lauren Hookway 13, Michelle Whitehead 13, Sandra Tamborska 11, Lucy Whitehead 10, Vicky Brown 8, Charlie Jane Herbert 8, Jenna Whitehead 7, Rebecca Davies 7, Krissie Mines 6, Chloe Albin 4

Referee: John Carry (Dorset)

– Article lifted from   27.05/13